Paris Climate Change Talks – A Small Step in the Right Direction

Paris Climate Change Talks – A Small Step in the Right Direction

As the Paris climate change conference draws nearer, could we be suffering from climate conference fatigue? The 2009 climate talks which took place in Copenhagen were, at the time, greeted with a great deal of enthusiasm and feted as having created significant global climate goals and initiatives. These objectives quickly proved unworkable and over-ambitious.

Sadly, many feel that this sense of disappointment has overshadowed the Paris climate change agenda and that the objectives being set do not go far enough.
If we are to tackle climate change, we must act now and act fast. Many leading economists claim that a quick way to solve the problem would be to increase the cost of carbon. By doing this, they argue that the world economy would simply adapt to this increase and find other, more renewable and cleaner, sources of energy.

The real problem lies in how to achieve a workable global environmental and climate policy that all countries find ‘fair’. This task is not made any easier by the fact that there is a very noticeable socio-economic divide: Poorer countries produce only a small share of emissions, yet suffer a great deal more from the adverse effects of climate change than their wealthier neighbours.

If Paris COP is to be a success, then we need to set true directives and goals. The sake of our planet and of our lives depends on it. 


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